North_Flag_Cover_300x450By John V. Rob

Lt. John V. Rob’s adrenaline-fueled vignettes bring you the Vietnam War through the eyes of a 21-year-old Army officer. He was a flight leader with the 1st Cavalry’s highly decorated 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. He led combat assaults in both I Corps and III Corps. John also flew Special Forces and Marine Recon missions in Laos and North Vietnam.

With all that happens during his service in-country—both in the air and on the ground—you’ll be amazed at how quickly the twelve months go by!

Strap on your chicken plate body armor, and fly along with Rob on missions ranging from psyops to Zippo-lit nighttime troop insertions to sling-loading a live water buffalo.

This Hardback version of North Flag has 106 illustrations and an Index.
2016  ISBN 978-1-934285-26-8
480 pp
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John V. Rob

John V. Rob with XM Sirius Satellite Radio interviewer, Maggie Linton, on August 22, 2016